Disciplines - DIS/PLAY

It doesn’t matter who you are – or what you want to achieve digitally.
We have the right competences to help you: before during and after.
From user journey and digital strategy to creativity and development.


Are you aware of what actually runs your business?

Brand strategy

Is your brand redeemed digitally?

Usability test

Did you remember to ask the users?

Content strategy

Content is king - or?


Are your solutions designed to be used?

Dialogue & CRM

Do you do enough for your existing customers?

Digital Strategy

What is your digital strategy and does it underpin your business objectives?

Operations & support

What do I do after the launch of a solution?


Best eCommerce CMS in the market?


In need for a global IT infrastructure and personalization?


A good product image is probably no more difficult than pictures of my kids?

Photo & picture style

Why tell a story with pictures?


Do people look at you and think wow?

Information architecture

Are you digital intuitive?


Do you have a vibrant intranet?

Concept development

Is a good idea also a good concept?

Solution architecture

Would you build a house without an architect?

Market analysis

Are you guessing or do you have insight into what your consumers actually want?


Is your phone not just meant for Facebook and texting?

Mobile strategy

Should we also go Mobile first?

Target group analysis

What is your target group demanding digitally?

Selection of platform

Paid CMS always beats Open Source?

Project Management

Waterfall or Agile?


Would you send a car on the street without having tested it thoroughly?

Responsive design

Does your content adapt to all screen sizes - all devices?


Can customers find you, or are you talking mostly to yourself?


Is cooperation and flexibility essential to you?


Do you have high demands for reliability and load capacity?

Social media

Is your social strategy to be on Facebook?

Technical implementation

Do you remember to secure your solution for the future?


HEY U!!! - do you write to your target audience?


Are you dreaming of a CMS developed by thousands of people every day?


Have you considered the fact that video speaks all languages?

Visual identity

Is your company always recognizable across channels?

Web Governance

Marketing is responsible for our website - or are they?

Web strategy

Is the web strategy also part of the business plan?

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