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Hello world!

We’re thrilled to let you know that we’re joining forces with the global digital agency AKQA. The decision fulfils one of our greatest strategic ambitions by rocketing us onto the global stage. It makes us part of one of the best agencies in the business. That’s excellent news for us. And for our clients.

Dreams really do come true. The fact that our agency has now become a part of the world’s most renowned and award-winning digital agency, AKQA, is proof. Not because it’s an unlikely turn of events, but because it’s a natural fit - something you don’t see every day.

Meeting up with the AKQA team and their CEO, Ajaz Ahmed, instantly proved to us that we belong together: As businesses, professionals and human beings. This made it a natural decision for us. Our companies have a similar ethos and work culture - and this has been a deciding factor. Now, we’re teaming up to shoot for the stars.

The same, only different
Our new ownership will not change anything in our day-to-day work with most of our Danish clients. However, all our clients will now have access to almost unlimited worldwide reach and be able to use the strength of our more than 2,000 new colleagues. 

International presence is something we have been working strategically towards for a number of years. This means our agreement with AKQA is nothing short of a game-changer. In the best possible way, because it means the great people we have in DIS/PLAY get to serve our clients with some of the best minds in the game.

“At DIS/PLAY, we have great faith in who we are. What we do. And the way we do it. Our track record shows that we have reason to. However, this new partnership is like Real Madrid signing you to play in the Champions League. On a team with some of the most talented people in the digital industry. Naturally, we’re incredibly excited about the opportunities this will create for our clients and team.”

– Steffen Blauenfeldt Otkjær, CEO

Part of a growing family
Over the past two years, AKQA has added locations in many of the world’s cultural capitals including Australia, Singapore, Brazil, Italy, and the UK. Combined with our 110 employees, AKQA now has over 2,100 employees in 23 studios across the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australasia.

Our Copenhagen and Aarhus offices will become part of AKQA, further building AKQA’s European presence and capabilities.

On behalf of Ajaz Ahmed, ourselves and the entire AKQA family we would like to say that we are looking forward to taking every single one of our clients - and all your work to the next level. 

Any questions?
If you have questions or simply want to say congratulations feel free to get in touch. 

Steffen Blauenfeldt Otkjær 
+45 40 64 28 30 

Morten Lund
+45 20 60 62 86

Picture shows (left to right) Morten Lund Director of DIS/PLAY, Lasse Morell Chairman of DIS/PLAY, Ajaz Ahmed CEO of AKQA, and Steffen Blauenfeldt Otkjær CEO of DIS/PLAY.

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